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Nextek Continues the Industry Leading Offering of Certek

Nextek, LLC Commitment

Nextek is committed to continuing to provide Certek’s patented, quality products and repair services. Nextek, LLC is dedicated to serving the biomedical industry and looks forward to further innovations and accomplishing more in the future.

The History of Nextek

Jim Grantham formed Certek, Inc. in 1977 to manufacture a patented formaldehyde generator/neutralizer, patent number 4,241,020.  Jim is a charter member of the American Biological Safety Association and is recognized as a Registered Biosafety Professional. Thousands of Model 1414 formaldehyde generator/neutralizers have been produced and used successfully and dependably since that time in most animal health, biomedical, and medical research facilities in North America and other countries throughout the world.  Responding to user demand, additional models have been developed and updated for larger spaces utilizing the operating parameters established with the industry familiar Model 1414RH.  Major agencies use these instruments including the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Animal Disease Center, and agencies of the Government of Canada.

In 1997, patent number 6,149,699 was issued for an ultra high efficiency particulate and vapor phase filtration system, for use in containment applications, in areas where hazardous substances could be exhausted to the environment.  The SAFEMOD system was introduced and has also been proven to be a dependable and successful product in this industry.  Due to the demand and specification for "in-place scanning of the installed filter systems”, the SAFESCAN modification was introduced in 2002.  Overall, this product has been another innovator in the Biomedical industry and has been specified for many Biosafety level laboratories.

After serving the industry for 32 years, Certek’s president and owner, Jim, has recently passed the torch to his son, James Grantham II. James has been an integral part of Certek’s success for the past 20 years, handling CAD management, sales, project management, manufacturing management, and producing and developing promotional and training materials. In 2000, James designed and developed the Model 1414Rh Formaldehyde generator with blower cart unit for use in decontaminating Bag-In/Bag-Out housings. It is now being widely used by agencies and institutions, including the National Institutes of Health, and has been a very useful and compatible product to BIBO housings for many international government agencies involved in avian flu and animal health research. Going forward, James will continue to serve the biomedical industry as Nextek, LLC.

Nextek is a corporate member of the ABSA (American Biological Safety Association).


1414RH and 5K Formaldehyde Generator

  Models 1414RH and 5K Formaldehyde Generators for biomedical decontamination.
  Safemod Safe Air Filtration System
  SAFEMOD®/SAFESCAN safe air filtration system.

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